Sunday, April 27, 2014

25# Packages

10# Ground Beef (80/20)

  5# Ground Sirloin (90/10)

10# Steaks
        Ny Strip
        Rib Eye

$ 240.55

Please allow 24 hours notice to fill your order.

Thank you!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Welcome Fall.....

What's available ....  

 updated 04/27/2014

Ground Beef (80/20)          1# &  2# sleeves                 $5.00/lb.
Ground Sirloin (90/10)              1# sleeves                               6.75/lb.
Ground Beef Patties             1/4 pound patties                         7.25/lb.

Viennas                                                                                           7.75/lb.

Kabob Meat                                                                                    5.00/lb.


Chuck                                                                                            $6.85/lb.
Rolled Rump                                                                                  7.85/lb.
Sirloin Tip                                                                                       8.25/lb.


Tenderloin                                                                              $ 22.00/lb.

Ny Strip, Rib Eye,T-bone, Porterhouse                                17.85/lb.

Please note: All cuts may not be available at all times. Prices are subject to adjustment. 
All processing takes place at a USDA inspected facility... Ebel's Meat in Falmouth Michigan.,

1/4 and 1/2 are available seasonally.  The cost is $3.85 a pound hanging weight with 1/2 weighing 360-380#.      Bring home weight is about 200# for a 1/2
Take home weight will vary depending on cuts chosen. bone in vs boneless, ground beef  fat... less fat less weight.. more fat more weight, over all trim of cuts. For a more specific guide lines on what cuts to expect out of a split 1/2, please refer to the American Grass Fed Associations web site or Ask The Meat Man web site.

The cost includes standard processing.  Please contact me for dates.

Please allow 24 hours notice for your order to be filled. We accept cash,check, or Money Orders. Payments payable to: Rodger's LLC


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homeGreat news.... We are now certified by the American Grass Fed Association.

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